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  • national parks Black Sea


    The pristine natural wonders of the Black Sea attract visitors in all four seasons of the year. Vast plateaus above the clouds, tree-lined lakes, majestic valleys, and waterfalls all await visitors in Türkiye’s Black Sea region.

    Küre Mountains National Park, Kastamonu & Bartın

    The Küre Mountains National Park is located between the provinces of Kastamonu and Bartın in the Western Black Sea region. The park contains one of Türkiye's most important forested areas. The ecosystem’s global importance was recognized by the WWF which included the park in “The Global 200: Priority Ecoregions for Global Conservation.” The Küre Mountains National Park, which contains some of the world’s most important and unique examples of natural heritage, is a natural forest arboretum.

    Visitor services, such as accommodation and guidance, are provided in the park.

    Yedigöller National Park, Bolu & Zonguldak

    Yedigöller National Park is located in the Western Black Sea region, north of the province of Bolu and south of the province of Zonguldak. The park presents a rugged terrain and has lush vegetation. There are seven landslide lakes in the park and numerous streams, presenting visitors with magnificent natural landscapes and a change to relax in the heart of nature.

    Located between İstanbul and Ankara, the park is a popular destination, and is accessible throughout the year.

    Kaçkar Mountains National Park, Rize

    Located within the borders of Rize Province in the Eastern Black Sea region, the Kaçkar National Park contains the Kaçkar Mountains' highest peaks. The highest peak here is 3,932 m. The park stretches across the country's rainiest region, and as a result is covered in rich and lush vegetation with many large streams traversing the area.

    Visitors, among others, can ski, raft, trek, mountaineer, and rock climb. There is also the unique opportunity to observe and learn about the traditional highland culture of the region.

    The Kaçkar Mountains National Park has about 100 glacial lakes which are especially loved by nature photographers. While the climb to the lakes is somewhat challenging, the views encountered are definitely worth the extra effort!