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  • national parks Southeastern


    Southeastern Anatolia, one of the most culturally rich regions of Türkiye, is unique in terms of the abundance of its national parks. History and natural beauty coexist here harmoniously.

    Tek Tek Mountains National Park, Şanlıurfa

    The Tek Tek National Park is located within the borders of the province of Şanlıurfa. The ancient cities of Şuayip and Soğmatar, and Senem Cave are located in the park.

    The ancient city of Şuayip is an important archaeological site. Among the ruins of Soğmatar, there are inscriptions in Assyrian. Sacrifices were once made to the sun and moon gods here, and Soğmatar was a center of the cult worship of Sin, the moon god. King's tombs from the Roman period can also be found here.

    Senem Cave is notable for its rock-carved structures and architectural ruins dating from the first centuries of Christianity.

    It should be noted that the park does not offer accommodation facilities.

    Botan Valley National Park, Siirt

    Botan Valley National Park was established in August 2019. As an important region both geographically and historically, the park has a distinct beauty throughout the seasons. Visitors here can enjoy rafting and paragliding.

    Rasil Hacar Hill offers the most spectacular panorama of the entire valley.