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  • national parks Marmara


    The national parks of the Marmara region showcase Türkiye’s magnificent nature and history, and are visited by millions of people every year. Lakes, caves, battlefields, ancient cities, canyons, and beaches are among the most popular locations. The region’s historical and cultural wealth is abundantly present in its national parks.

    Uludağ National Park, Bursa

    Uludağ National Park, located in the province of Bursa and about 22 km south of the city of Bursa, welcomes thousands of nature lovers every year.

    Uludağ National Park is home to Uludağ Mountain, lakes, plateaus, and magnificent landscapes. It is also Türkiye’s most popular winter sports center.

    In the winter, winter sports enthusiasts can ski, ice-skate, and snowboard. In summer, trekking and hiking are popular while in spring, picnicking is a much-loved outdoor activity.

    There are many hiking trails in the park that take you to spots where you can marvel at the panoramic views of Bursa and the Gulf of Gemlik.

    Kuşcenneti National Park, Balıkesir

     Kuşcenneti National Park is located in the Marmara region of Balıkesir Province.

    Located on the route of birds migrating from Anatolia to Europe, Kuşcenneti National Park (kuşcenneti is the Turkish word for “bird sanctuary”) promises visitors a fascinating visual feast. Lake Manyas, one of the largest lakes in Türkiye, is home to 266 bird species, and is found within the borders of the national park.

    Lake Manyas is a wetland whose international importance has been recognized and established under the Ramsar Convention (in full, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat). The nature here is lush and peaceful, and guided bird tours are available.  

    The national park is also historically important: Lydians and Persians ruled the area around Lake Manyas in the 8th century BC.

    Kazdağı National Park, Balıkesir

    Kazdağı National Park (Mount Ida National Park), which covers 20,935 hectares within the borders of the Edremit district of Balıkesir, is located in a transition area between the Marmara and Aegean regions of Türkiye.

    The park is home to almost 1,000 plant species. Oaks and larches surround the forest, where every shade of green can be observed. Deep in the national park many wild animals live from bears to wild boars, eagles to coyotes.

    There are numerous trails on the mountain. You can camp, meditate, read books, and watch the stars.